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Who Invented the Air Freshener

Who invented the air freshener?

Canadian chemist Julius Sämann invented the air freshener in 1952 in Watertown in Northern New York State. The idea came about when a milk truck driver complained to him about the smell of spilled milk.

Using his experience extracting essential oils from evergreen trees, Sämann designed a air freshener specifically for the car. 1954, Sämann filed a patent for paper with “odor-destroying, air-perfuming substances,” a cellophane wrapper and a string to hang it on. He gave the product the distinctive tree shape and developed its fragrances.

The product was soon a success in the United States, and he started exporting it World wide.

Watson attributes this to the “continued effectiveness, quality, and value of our products.” The popularity of car air fresheners is showing no sign of diminishing any time soon – though improved and more efficient air conditioning systems, and even built-in air fresheners in some cars, are likely to prompt Air Fresheners to continue to innovate.

Having sold billions of them worldwide, and with sales in the UK currently flourishing, it certainly looks as though they are well-equipped to rise to the challenge.

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